Sunday, January 31, 2010

his life in pictures

i made these collages on this week, and had them printed out in time for his birthday. i know i take way too many photos of malcolm, but look at all of the great shots i have to remember him in each stage of his life and growth. it's crazy how fast he has grown in just two years. and how much he has learned. it amazes me every. single. day.

wow, this is how i looked only a couple of years ago. i think i've changed a lot too... well at least my hair and hips have, haha. this was taken 2 months before malcolm was born.

and this was taken only a few hours before he was born. danny didn't think i was really in labor, because i still had two weeks til my due date. but i definitely was. and malcolm came early. i sure do miss that pregnant belly :)

1 comment:

  1. How CUTE do you look when you pregnant...(so tiny) xxx
    Congrats to you & Danny on Malcolm's birthday..xxxx