Friday, January 15, 2010

finally, some nice(r) weather

it's been really cold here this month, so malcolm and i have been spending most of our time inside the house. but yesterday the weather started to warm up a little, and we went exploring outside in the yard. it looks like today will be nice again too. i cannot wait for spring to come, i am so over this cold snow-less winter. we are getting cabin fever, and we would love some nice weather to run around in.

"let's go mom!"

squirrel watching

checking out some bark that a squirrel threw down on us

picking up little acorn tops

we found some squirrel's snacks on the back deck

malcolm wanted to eat them too

then he got stuck in the railing. he was saying "hepp me, hepp me, mama", haha

so i helped him get down :)

little feet

and little hands <3


  1. AWE.... Just don't let teh Bats back there attack!! AH!

  2. what a cutie Malcolm the outfit!

  3. He's so big! I can't even imagine Dexter being that size, ha.

  4. he is too cute for words!!! I love those blue eyes ;)

  5. please send some of that weather this way aha its been FREEZING and apparently the snow will be back soon. it was lovely at first but then it got to the point where it managed to cause mass hassle and it just needed to go away. so its been cold and rainy and its kept the snow away...but yahhh, apparently it'll be back, bah.

    so thats the weather report cause you know how much i like giving those on account of my britishness haha

    i got H1N1 about 5/6 weeks ago, got rid of that after 3 weeks (bad times) and now i've picked up another cold. its so rubbish. my body must hate me. man, moan moan moan, im pretty sure thats all i ever do ;]

    hope you guys are all good