Monday, January 4, 2010


my friend lana gave alanna this book for christmas:

tonight i made a batch of the very first recipe... chocolate chip cookies, and they are deeelicious! seriously, this might be the best and easiest recipe i have found for a good basic vegan choco-chip cookie. so far, i am loving this book! thanks lana!

malcolm was my little helper (lana also gave him those cute pj's!)

sooo soft and yummy!

alanna and i also made the same recipe a couple of days ago, but they didn't turn out quite as good. i'm pretty sure i used too much sugar last time, oops.

look, there i am in my new apron! sorry for the bad photo... the lighting in our kitchen is terrible (fluorescent).

and they passed the rigorous baby taste-test too!


  1. Those pics are ADORABLE!!! I am glad that recipe was good because I have made three out of that book and they have ALL been AWFUL! It's really sad too because I was so excited about that book coming out... I will have to try the chocolate chip recipe now.

  2. OH IM GONNA CHECK THAT BOOK OUT.... the simpler the better ive tried a few reciepes that have failed pretty bad hahahahahaha but ima keep trying!

  3. this book is fantastic. i made a lot of cookies for christmas from it. my favs were the wedding cookies and the chocolate crinkle cookies. i'm probably going to make something else from it this week!

  4. mmmm yummy!

    I've seen the cupcake version of that book, I'm gonna have to buy both, although I usually just adapt the recipes from 'normal' cookbooks.