Sunday, December 6, 2009

wild things

alanna and i finally went and saw "where the wild things are" today. danny stayed with malcolm, while the kiddo and i drove about 30 minutes to the only theater in our area that had a showing. i'm glad we were able to see it before it leaves the theaters. and we were the only ones in the theater, which was a bonus. the movie was good, but i didn't love it as much as i thought i would. i liked it, it made me cry in the beginning and at the end, but the middle was a little long and kind of boring. it actually made me sleepy. but i'm glad i saw it. i just don't think i would want to watch it again.

tonight i made cupcakes. alanna helped me decorate them with vegan cream cheese frosting. they turned out delicious!


  1. I felt the exact, exact same way about that movie!

    Gosh those cupcakes look soo good. I'm hungry! haha


  2. Cupcakes look so very YUMMY!
    I am always hungry when i read your blog Lauren...x

  3. The movie made me totally sleeping too. I was definitely not as impressed as I thought I would have been. Plus, they were kind of gross looking. haha