Thursday, December 10, 2009

the holiday express

i'm feeling better today... definitely not so ho-hum. this morning danny, malcolm, and i went to costco and target, and got a little christmas shopping done. this afternoon, i baked some banana nut bread, and then made dinner. and this evening after we ate, our family headed out to the holiday express at pullen park to visit with santa, ride the train, and see the lights. it was very cold and windy out, but we had a lot of fun. malcolm loved all the lights, the merry-go-round, and the train ride. i'm glad we went.

(that's me in the mirror, haha)

this pretty much sums up how i felt on the carousel (dizzy)

they had danny's favorite holiday movie playing on a big screen... jingle all the way!

the cutest little train ever

before the ride started

in the dark tunnel

after it started to go fast

some of the lights as we whizzed by

yes, that's a t-rex putting a star up top, haha!

after the freezing cold, fast train ride

i love these guys

and a quick lil' boat ride before we went home

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