Sunday, December 20, 2009

getting festive!

wow, i can't believe christmas is almost here! where did this month go?! only 5 more days til santa visits, and i feel like i've accomplished so much more than i had just a week ago. we're pretty much done with our shopping, i just need to get a few ingredients for holiday treats (to give as gifts). i worked on cards on friday, and sent them out on saturday... here's hoping they will get to the west coast by the holiday. and i am going to start wrapping the kids gifts tonight. here are some photos from the past few days:

malcolm loves laying under the tree

i can't put any gifts under our little tree, because malcolm will destroy them, haha. it looks a little lonely in the corner of the dining room, but we love it.

he loves the tree, and all the decorations! it's so cute how excited he is by all of it. and he's been really good about not messing with them. i did leave off all of the glass balls, and a few breakable ornaments, just in case.

i took the kids to see santa on thursday evening. it was the first time i've set foot in the mall since trick-or-treating on halloween. i do not miss working at the mall, not at all. and i'm stoked that i got almost all of our holiday shopping done outside of that awful place. hooray for online shopping! i did buy my dad a little something while on this trip out, and we do need to go back for one more item. ugh.

after visiting with the big guy :)

and the morning after. he still wants to wear those paper antlers all the time, haha

friday was alannas last day of school before her 2 week holiday break. she called me at noon, to let me know that they were getting out an hour early, because the weather was supposed to get bad. it does not snow in raleigh, so i was sure that everyone was just overreacting, like they do each winter when a flurry is in the air. this was my view while i waited in the carpool lane. NO snow. it never snowed at all here. but it did snow in other parts of north carolina... and all over the east coast. i think someone has put a hex on raleigh. bummer, i would love to have a white christmas.

when the weather gets "bad", the locals also start driving like complete idiots. these two cars tried to pass us (the carpool lane) on the left, and drove straight toward a school bus that was trying to leave the parking lot. then the van proceeded to stop and sit there, like a fool, for about 5 minutes. no joke. this stopped all traffic completely. it was ridiculous.

and here are some photos from our house:
(i took this one yesterday)

alanna made this mistletoe with sculpey, (i hung it above the kitchen door) smoooch!

she also made this santa (from a little kit from ac moore)

these are our gifts (minus one) for my family in salt lake city. i made this nightmare inspired wrapping paper. it took me over an hour to draw out all those swirls, but i enjoyed it. i did this a few years back, but i think it looks better this time around.

and i saw one of these videos (amazing grace) on ellen last week, and i was in awe. i would love to have a house like this in my neighborhood! turns out he lives in utah, go figure... isn't everything there just totally awesome, haha?! :)

yay for christmas time!


  1. i can't believe you drew out all those spirals! You are crazy!!!! haha! Good job! the decorations look great! merry christmas! ps. can you email me your address?

  2. you have that holiday spirit back :]