Sunday, December 13, 2009

five years ago today...

...danny and i first met. (i meant to post this earlier today, but i got busy, and didn't have time to sit down and finish it until now). we met in las vegas while he was on tour with it dies today. we hung out for 3 days (including the drive back to utah), we had a blast, and the rest is history, haha. i think i knew from the minute i saw him, that i would someday marry him. that someday turned out being just six short months later, and we've never looked back. here are some of my favorite photos of the two of us over the years.

this is the flyer from the show in salt lake city. yes, i saved it. i save everything!

we took this one on danny's first trip out to visit us in utah, feb 2005

in nc may 2005, one month before the wedding and cross-country move

christmas 2005

in atlanta, may 2006

riding the roller coaster at the new york, new york casino in las vegas, june 2006 (hahaha)

at the north carolina coast, august 2006

and the stencil danny had garrett paint for me as a gift for our third anniversary

at alanna's 10th birthday party, oct 2006 (isn't he a babe?! haha)

at duke gardens, may 2007

the day after malcolm was born, jan 31, 2008

at danny's sister's wedding (danny had major jet-lag), aug 2008

i love you husbandito! <3


  1. Awww this post is so cute!!
    ps- Blake put on that show :)

  2. That is beautiful Lauren x
    I am so happy for you, can't agree more - nothing more amazing than finding the LOVE of your life.
    Alanna looks too cute in the top photo!

  3. 3rd picture down...danny = dead ringer for ed butcher!!