Wednesday, December 9, 2009

blah... pretty much how i feel about this holiday season. i usually like this time of year, but this year, not so much. i'm not really feeling the festive love. i'm sure it's a combination of a lot of things... homesickness, the fact that malcolm is too young to love christmas yet, and alanna is too old to still have any fun with it, and that we're constantly dealing with financial stress (but isn't everyone these days?). plus danny has been working so much lately, that we hardly even see him at home and when we do he is ornery and stressed out. i never got a good photo of our family for christmas cards, so i haven't sent any out yet. and i've only bought a few gifts for the kids... which means that i'm gonna get stuck shopping in all the madness, with a cranky toddler, when it comes down to crunch time. ugh. sorry for the vent. just feeling a bit bah humbug right now...


  1. the holidays are just overall different this year, I totally get what you're saying.
    hang in there...come xmas morning when the kids are opening their presents you'll feel it!

  2. This is off the subject, Your hair is looking beautiful lady! I vote we don't cut our hair until we see each other again. and even then, we still don't cut it. :) yay.

  3. you're not even close to being the GRINCH!

    its this time of year.

    its horrible.

    it plays tricks on you.

    just wait it out please :]

    oh lauren, alsooo, dude, i made the pumpkin cheesecake!! i totally forgot to tell you!
    i had to change a few of the ingrediants around since the uk sucks for food and i couldnt get exactly what i wanted but after a couple of tries it came out great!
    thank you again, you're all kinds of awesome