Friday, December 4, 2009

22 months

it's been 4 months since i made a post about what malcolm has been up to lately. he is 22 months now, and it's a little hard to believe that he will be turning 2 in only two short months! wow, time flies. he is constantly learning and trying new things, and every time he does something new, or funny, or oh so smart, i think to myself "i need to write this down, so i won't forget to blog about it", but then i forget. life is busy with a toddler (and a teenager). so here is a list of the most recent things that i can remember right now.

  • his new words are "jack", "tattoo" (he also points at them, and tries to wash them off when i give him a bath), "popcorn", "tofu", "peek", "no" (which means NO), and "noOooO" (which means YES, haha!), and "yesh" (but he doesn't know that it means yes)

  • he can walk down the stairs unassisted (but uses the wall for support)

  • he goes to bed silently, without any tears. the "cry it out" technique was the best thing that ever happened to us, haha

  • he can take off his clothes, and he loves to run around naked, especially after the bath

  • he likes to sniff things, he really enjoys discovering new smells

  • he tries to spit water out of his mouth while in the tub. daddy taught him this, and it's pretty funny to watch

  • he will sit quietly and watch tv (pbs kids) or a dvd

  • he can jump (both feet off the floor), do a belly-flop (usually onto daddy), karate kick, spin in circles, and bounce onto his bum (sometimes all at the same time!)

  • he claps, laughs out loud, and gets excited when he sees something he likes (he never really did this before, until now)

  • he can open the fridge and climb inside, so we had to put locks on it and the oven

  • he loves to look at books and have them read to him

  • when he farts, or anyone else does, he cracks up and laughs, he thinks it is hilarious... and i think he is too

  • he loves pushing the furniture around, like the dining chairs, side table, and coffee table

  • he loves to help me clean the house, he dusts, and tries to sweep and vacuum (i need to get him some play cleaning supplies for christmas)
i'm sure there are lots of things i forgot, so i will try to update it later :)


  1. Wow! I can't believe he's almost 2 years old! What a cute little guy!

  2. oh man i miss my little roomate!