Sunday, November 22, 2009

we love a parade

saturday morning alanna and i went down to the annual raleigh christmas parade. this is the third year that we have watched it. the whole thing is pretty long, like 2 hours, so i left malcolm home with danny. it was nice to have some baby-free time, and to not have to spend the whole time chasing him around. he can be pretty exhausting these days. here are some of the highlights:

the girl in the center front is alanna's friend sienna, from her last middle school. she is part of a competition jump-roping team

we liked the marching bands and their shiny instruments

this teeny-tiny bus was full of "little people" dressed as elves, haha

when i was little, i was super afraid of the hamburgler from the mcdonalds ads. at night, i would run past our dark living room as fast as i could, because i thought that he was gonna jump out and get me, haha. so this float pretty much creeped me out!

some cool old classic cars

star wars fans like christmas too (there were tons of them, way more than in this photo)

some old guys on little red tractors (i took this one for my father!)

the morning radio show that we like to listen to

the biggest shopping cart ever!

and last, but not least... santa!

raleigh has lots of beautiful old historic victorian-style homes. we parked between two of my favorite houses

and this is malcolm's new favorite thing to do... run around nude!

this was on saturday after i had given him his nightly bath. he cracks me up! he was also loving me taking his photo up-close. he usually turns away from the camera. here are the best shots, haha :)

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