Wednesday, November 18, 2009

this past week

not a lot is going on around here. alanna spent the weekend at danny's parents house, so it was pretty quiet in our house... except for the fact that malcolm is currently obsessed with "the nightmare before christmas", and we've been watching it non-stop since friday! but of course he likes it, he is my son, haha, it's in his genes. alanna also loved it when she was little. she said that we've watched it so much that i am going to get sick of it, and then i will want to sell my collection. but i told her no, i've honestly probably seen it 100 times, and i still notice new details that i had missed. it really is such a work of art, and i love it sooo much, even on repeat.

on sunday we went for a lovely stroll. it was so nice and warm out, that i had to take off my sweater and walk in just a tank top. wow, i love perfect autumn weather. and have i mentioned that i love the greenway?! yeah, i think i already have :)

can you see all the turtles lined up on that log!?

this is the street that we live on

malcolm has now mastered walking down the stairs by himself

we only have 3 stairs, but he can get down them alone really well

here he is sleeping in the car with no shoes on. he always takes them off, haha

and sleeping in the cart at the grocery store

he has also been feeding himself really well too

yesterday we went to our local library

he loves the holiday board book section

i love their huge caterpillar (they also have a beautiful butterfly, but i didn't get a photo of it)

and malcolm loved running around on this cute rug

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  1. your whole area looks so nice!
    so many colours.
    it beats city life