Friday, November 27, 2009

thanksgiving 2009

we had a great time yesterday. we ate way too much delicious food, and spent the day with people we love. i wish we could have spent the day with my family as well, we miss you guys. i hope you all had a happy thanksgiving too.

mashed potatoes, green beans, tofurky (cooked with carrots, potatoes, and onion), sweet potatoes, cranberry relish, crescent rolls, "chicken" pot pie, and gravy... a perfect vegan thanksgiving meal!

malcolm, ready to dig in

all done, and ready to get out of that damn chair, haha

dessert! vegan pumpkin "cheesecake", cookies n' cream cake (in honor of compton's upcoming birthday), chocolate pudding pie, and apple crisp, yum!

relaxing after eating too many sweet treats

playing out in the backyard

for the past two weeks, i've been posting things i am thankful for on my facebook page each day. i figured i should list them here too. of course there are many more things i could add to the list, if i had a lot more time...

i am thankful:
(in no particular order, kinda just what i was feeling from day to day)
  • that i am vegan (12 awesome years)
  • for my husband
  • that i am a mother
  • for the changing seasons, especially autumn!
  • for the internerd (and this blog), so i can keep in touch with my family and friends
  • for our healthy family, and for the good health of my parents
  • that malcolm has become a good sleeper (finally!)
  • that i didn't have to take alanna to see "new moon", haha
  • that we have our our own washer & dryer (i seriously cannot imagine having to do our laundry at a laundromat, ugh!)
  • that i've been able to stay at home with malcolm for the past 21 months
  • for the top of a brand new jar of vegenaise (i love the start of a new bottle, haha)
  • for the childhood that i had (i had the best parents, siblings and friends. my life as a child was so much fun!)
  • for all the terrible relationships i endured over the years... because they made me stronger and more grateful (if it weren't for all the wrong guys, i wouldn't be who or where i am right now)
  • for my mother-in-law, and the amazing (huge) vegan feast that she makes us each year!
  • for my family and friends... here in nc, in salt lake city, and all over the country (i love and miss you guys!)

and i am adding this one today:

  • that i am no longer working retail, and that i didn't have to work today (black friday), haha


  1. I love all of this- and I especially love that you mentioned the fresh top of the veganaise! Hank loves that too :).

    I'm so glad you guys had a great holiday! xo

  2. oh wow! everything looks delicious! look at all of those desserts!