Monday, November 9, 2009

our weekend

we had a very nice weekend. on saturday, our friends chris and lianna came down from richmond, and we all went to the flea market at the fair grounds. i seriously cannot get enough of that place. it is so much fun looking at all the old stuff, i could seriously spend hours there. malcolm was pretty cranky because he needed a nap, so we didn't stay very long. i wish we could have spent more time with them while they were in town, but they will be back again in a couple weeks.

after the flea market, we drove out to dannys parents house. the little town that they live in has a nice park on the side of a lake. it has a new playground that was built by
kaboom, so we took the kids to play.

alanna found a little buggy friend

of course he wanted to eat the bread instead of feed it to the ducks

this toy spun around fast, they loved playing on it

after the park, we stayed for dinner. vicky made us vegan stew and an apple pie. sunday wasn't too exciting, we just hung out around the house. we did go grocery shopping for the week, and we went to the brand new trader joes that opened on october 30th. it is about 5 minutes from our house, and we wanted to go last weekend, but when we pulled into the parking lot and saw all of the crowds and chaos, we decided to drive 20 minutes to the other location. danny doesn't do well in large crowds, haha. so this was our first visit. we've been really good lately about making a meal plan for the week, making a shopping list, and then buying only the items we need. it really has saved us so much at the register. plus i had some coupons that saved us $13 bucks at our regular grocery store. yay for being frugal!

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