Thursday, November 5, 2009

new favorites

last night

and again this morning!

malcolm is currently obsessed with this dvd! he has been watching it on repeat for the past two and a half days. he doesn't really watch much tv, nothing really interests him enough to sit (or stand) and watch it... until now. my mom gave him this movie last year for christmas, and we tried to watch it a few times when he was a lot younger, but he didn't seem very interested. then he found it on the dvd rack this week, and ever since, he has wanted to watch it nonstop! first thing he did this morning, was head downstairs for breakfast, and grab the dvd case to hand it to me. it's pretty funny. i'm glad that he has found something that he really enjoys. most babies have a favorite lovey, or stuffed animal, or blanket that they take everywhere. but not malcolm. just that damn binky, haha! plus i think it's a cute movie, so hopefully it will take a while before i start to hate it :)

these are my current favorite things! danny found them all at our local whole foods. i haven't had a marshmallow in over 12 years, so i'm not sure how true to the original they are. but to me, they are delicious!

and we've tried three of these so far. my favorite is the jokerz (like a vegan snickers bar). alanna loves the twilight, of course, haha (like a vegan milky way bar). and danny likes the mahalo (like a vegan almond joy). yummy!


  1. Those marshmallows are so good. Have you tried the smores? Those candy bars are our current obsessions also. Mahalo is my favorite.

  2. you need to try dandies, lauren..they will blow your mind!!!

  3. i thought the smores were okay, but way too expensive for what you get. i don't think i would buy them again. but the marshmallows are tasty! yeah kara, i know. but no stores sell them down here, and i don't want to have to order them by mail. someday i will try them, i hope <3