Sunday, November 29, 2009

marbles, friends & food

yesterday the kids and i went to marbles kids museum in downtown raleigh. this was our first time there, and it was so much fun. we were invited to a birthday party, by my friend kitra, for her son dylan who just turned one. malcolm spent the entire time running (and me chasing), so we were both exhausted by the end of the trip. i took a bunch of photos:

malcolm and dylan (and alanna in the corner)

having snacks

dylan (in the middle) with his little cake

(kitra holding the cake)

after the party, we explored the museum and played for about 2 hours

i loved that they had this quote painted on the wall

he was yelling "nooo" at that little girl.
he did not want to share the register with her, haha

driving a boat

and a car

hula hoops!

he loved this drum

looking out over the main foyer

he also loved playing with the mr. potato heads

after the museum, we took malcolm home to danny so that he could take a nap, and then alanna and i went to a second thanxxxgiving dinner of sorts. a few of danny's friends throw an after thanksgiving feast every year, a couple days after the holiday. it was an all vegan pot-luck... or more like a smörgåsbord, haha! the food was delicious, and we had a nice time hanging out. thanks for inviting us lia!

a small sampling of the dessert options, yum!
(i stole this photo from chris jew's fb page)

the whole group, alanna and i are in the middle of the back row
(i also stole this photo from fb)

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  1. AWESOME Marble Museum, my mouth was hanging on the floor, i would love to play there!