Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i just finished...

...playing two games of banagrams with alanna. we are so glad it is finally the holiday weekend, and she is so stoked to have three days off of school (including today). our friend compton took her to see "new moon" this morning. they went to the 10:45 am showing, and there were only 6 other people in their theater. she loved the movie, and they both said that it was much better than the first one (he also took her to see it last year). i haven't read any of the books, or watched "twilight", and i don't ever plan to, haha. so a big thanks goes out to compton, for being such a good friend!

i also just finished making a couple things to take to thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. we will spend the holiday with danny's family at his mom and dad's house. my mother-in-law spoils us each year with a huge amazing vegan feast! she is so accommodating when it comes to our strictly limited diet, and i am very thankful for that. before i moved out here, i would usually have to make my own tofurky, and eat it by myself, while the rest of my extended family ate the traditional dairy and meat filled holiday meal. so it is really nice to have so many delicious options (thanks vicky)! can you tell i am very excited to eat, haha!?

i made my mothers famous cranberry relish. she has made it every year, for pretty much my entire life, and everyone in our family just loves it. i've brought the tradition out here, and now danny's family likes it too

and i also made a pumpkin "cheesecake". this is one thing that i am really good at baking, i've made it so many times, and it always turns out delicious. my brother-in-law billy (danny's sister's husband) is just about as opposite of vegan as anyone could be, (he is a real steak-and-potatoes kind of guy), and he love, love, loves it! he gets sad when i don't bring it to family get-togethers, haha. i even made him one as a gift, for his past two birthdays. he is going to be very excited tomorrow, haha

before it's goes in the oven

and after it comes out (it needs some soyatoo on top!)
our house smells sooo good right now!

we took our pitbull, lucky dog, to the vet today for his annual exam. we think he has a urinary tract infection, so he has to take an antibiotic. but they took a blood sample, and everything else looks great. he is 11 years old now, and he is starting to slow down a bit, but he is happy and healthy, and has many more years to go. we are thankful for his good health.

he is always so rowdy in there, that we have to put a muzzle on him. poor doggy, haha. danny took this photo with his phone


  1. haha my tobey has to wear that same blue muzzle at the vet. we call it his "party hat" hahahaha.

    that cheesecake looks delicious!!

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm to ll the food! and OH lucky dog, my fav snuggle buddy~