Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween 2009

on friday we received this halloween care-package in the mail from my mother. she is so sweet, and always sends us little treats. thanks mom!

for the past four years we have taken alanna trick-or-treating at the mall. it is an easier and safer way to celebrate the holiday. plus it's climate controlled, haha. our neighborhood doesn't have many kids, so no one really hands out candy here. they did the mall-wide trick-or-treat on friday the 30th this year, instead of halloween night. alanna met up with a few of her friends from her old middle school. she had fun walking around with them, and not us. she is such a typical teenager already, haha. here are the kids in their costumes before we headed over.

malcolm was a lil' garden gnome

our neighbor across the street let me take some photos of him in her garden

alanna went as "sally" from the nightmare before christmas. my mom made the dress by hand for me about 9 years ago. it's still a little big on alanna, but she looked great in it this year

malcolm really liked walking around with his pumpkin pail. he had fun collecting candy, and was good the entire time

since most of the candy isn't vegan, i decided to make a few holiday treats for our family to eat. this is a pumpkin cheesecake (with a soyatoo web)

and my favorite treat, chocolate peanut butter balls!

the weather was beautiful on saturday (halloween)

we had dinner at a new burrito restaurant that just opened out here. the food was delicious!

then we drove out to dannys parents house to hang out with his mom for the evening. we watched a couple shows on food network, of halloween inspired cake competitions. vicky made us some cupcakes, and malcolm loved them. he has such a sweet tooth, just like his dad

we had a very happy halloween!


  1. That gnome costume is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!
    PS thank you and your hubby for the SD merch, we love it all! :)

  2. awh, glad you had a good halloween

    its crazy how big it is in the states

    over here its nothing major. more people are getting into it but its no where on the scale of how you guys roll!

    you couldnt do me a huge favour could you(?) and let me have the recipe for the pumpkin cheesecake? (im not the best cook, so i need to know how many parts of each etc)
    i have a whole load more time on my hands at the moment and i'd love to try and make it

    hope things are great with you guys


  3. that gnome costume is great!!! i love the one of him squatting down. the eyebrows are killing me...i can't believe he kept those on! haha

  4. brandi, you guys are totally welcome! :)
    kara, the eyebrows were just white makeup, so he didn't mind them, haha. i'm actually surprised that he let me put the hat on him, because he hates hats! <3