Sunday, October 18, 2009

a weekend of classics

i love watching old classic movies from my childhood. luckily i have a daughter who also enjoys watching them too. last week danny bought us the dvd of "something wicked this way comes", and on friday night after malcolm was asleep, the three of us watched it together with (soy) ice cream! i haven't seen it since i was little, but it was just as good as i had remembered. it's a great spooky little movie. kinda cheesy, but still fun to watch. i saw that they have also released "the watcher in the woods" on dvd as well. maybe that one will be our next dvd purchase?

"we butter our plain bread with delicious pain"

yesterday, danny took alanna and i to durham to see two of our most favorite 80's films: "return to oz" and "the goonies"!! my husband is the best. he took malcolm to the park to play and then to his parents house, while we watched the movies back to back. it was awesome to see both of these movies on the big screen. there is a really great independent theater in durham called the carolina, and this weekend they were having an "escapism" film festival which featured a bunch of great 80's classics.

"don't you know that eggs are poison?!"

"heeeeey yoooouu guuuuuys!!"

we haven't made it to see "where the wild things are" yet. we need someone to watch malcolm, so that alanna, danny and i can go and see it together. malcolm does not do well in a movie theater... we tried to take him to see "UP" and he was terrible, danny and i took turns taking him to the back of the theater and lobby. plus i don't think that this movie is supposed to be very kid friendly. it looks more like it is geared for an older crowd. but i do have a feeling that it will be a classic as well! did you see it? what did you think?


  1. Yeay - i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Return to was my ABSOLUTE favorite!
    I am so going to get it again - "for keeps"

  2. I've never seen "Something Wiked..." but I'm totally adding it to the Netflix queue. I get a lot of flak for being an 80's kid and living 1 hour from where "The Goonies" was filmed and having never seen that either. Looks like I have some movie watching to do!

  3. I had been wanting to go see Where the Wild Things Are, but then I heard it wasn't very good. I'll be curious to know what you think if you go to see it. It looks really cool, but my brother said it was slow and boring.