Friday, October 16, 2009

todays good & bad

the good: the weather in nc is just perfect right now. it has finally begun to feel like fall. this week has been pretty cold and rainy, but today was nice and cool and dry. i thought it would be a great day to take malcolm outside and take some fall photos. i snapped these shots of some awesome mushroom patches that are growing on our front "lawn", and then just as i am about to take his photo...

the bad: my camera craps out. and this time it was for good. i spent quite a while trying to get it to work again, but to no avail. so i am now camera-less. bummer. plus then tonight while we were eating dinner, my most favorite little
henckels pairing knife (that was part of a wedding gift from one of my parents dearest old friends), broke right in two! the blade literally snapped in half. but i do think i might be able to have it replaced by the company, since it looks like it was a defect.

so anyway, please let me know what brands/models of cameras you all own and love. i want to start looking for a new one that might last me more than 2 years, and that will not break the bank. someday i will own a nice digital SLR, but not right now.

(this is what the images look like now. lame.)

p.s. did any of you go and see "where the wild things are" yet?! if so, let me know what you thought! i can't wait to see it!! <3


  1. I love my SLR. I don't know how much you want to spend... but I don't think you can go wrong with a canon.
    The canon Tii is way cool but it is a little more than mine was. I have the canon rebel xsi.

    Also, I haven't seen where the wild things are, but I read a review that it has been making kids cry in the theatre. That they made the wild things pretty violent. I want to see it still, and Demetri LOVES that book... but I don't think he will watch the movie yet...

  2. Years ago we bought a Kodak Easy Share. That was Dec of 2003. I used it for the first few years I was blogging. Then last fall I decided to step it up and we bought a fancy Canon that is just 1 step below an SLR, but still has options for manual everything and it does A LOT. But you know, I still use the heck out of my Kodak. I honestly use it more than the Canon because I think the macro lense is much better and it deals with light/darkness better.