Wednesday, October 28, 2009

photos from this past week

malcolm is so funny, he loves to climb in small spaces, including the toy storage bins

on thursday, the weather was nice and warm out, so i took the kids to a little park near our house. it's in a nice older neighborhood where there aren't very many kids, so we were the only people there

there are lots of dogs in this area, and i thought this sign was hilarious. i did spot a couple of little piles of poop, despite their efforts to deter them

bethany arrived late thursday night, and stayed with us until this morning. we had a lot of fun with her, it was nice having her visit. we did a lot of exploring of raleigh, which included showing her some of the local sites, and looking for old urban spots to photograph. we made some yummy vegan treats. visited the farmers market, and then made some good food. watched a few awesome movies. and just did quite a bit of chillin'.

on saturday, we considered going to the nc state fair, but it was rainy and super crowded, so we drove around and ended up at the indoor flea market mall behind our neighborhood instead (i've lived in this house 2 years now, and had never been). yikes, was it sooo incredibly ghetto, but equally hilarious. it was like a giant awful rummage sale. but i found malcolm this great new little beanie (with a brim, just like danny loves), for only 3 bucks! and he actually likes wearing it too!

we made my favorite vegan treat! chocolate covered peanut butter balls!

on sunday, we all went to chapel hill and walked around a bit. it was a very nice day out, i just love this cool autumn weather. we went to wootini and chapel hill comics which are two of my favorite local stores out here. and then finished the trip with delicious food at cosmic cantina in durham. yum!

(there is bethany!)

my husband loves having his photo taken, and always makes the most attractive faces for me, haha

and malcolm loved playing with bethany

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