Thursday, October 15, 2009

my nightmare cabinet

i've been meaning to post some photos of my nightmare before christmas/tim burton collection for a while now, for all of you who don't live near me, so you can take a peek. since it is october and nearly halloween, now seems like the perfect time. plus i've also been working on a few little projects recently, and one of them included my cabinet.

i began collecting these in 1998. a lot of the items were gifts from family and friends. in the beginning, i didn't really plan on acquiring so much nightmare stuff, but i really do love each piece, so i'm glad i did. i especially like the rare, limited edition, or hard to find ones, and really detailed collectible items. i have a lot more items too, that are still in boxes. mostly toys still in their hard plastic packaging, and things that need to be hung on the wall (ceramic masks, a huge heavy solid brass mirror, a porcelain dish, etc). and since we just rent our house, i didn't want to make tons of holes in the walls, by putting everything up. i will wait until we own our own home, before i display the very special hanging pieces.

here is what i did this week. i had one set of nightmare LP's, and danny also had the same set from before we were married. they are double sided picturediscs, so the two LP set has four different images total. i never displayed them, i just kept them in their slip sleeves in the cabinet. danny recently gave me four LP frames, that he had once hung in his office at the shop, that that he no longer wanted. i got the idea to put scrapbook paper behind the LP's from my favorite blog
here. the frames he gave me are 12.5" squares, but most scrapbook paper is only 12" squares, so i had to cut and add an extra half inch to two sides of the paper. this was kind of tedious and time consuming, but i think i lined the designs up pretty well, and the finished product looks great. i got all of the paper at my favorite scrapbook supply store.

after i finished those, i decided to go get more of the same paper (plus a couple more designs) and line the back walls of the cabinet so that each shelf had a different colored paper backing. the all black walls were kind of distracting, since a lot of the items are also dark. i wanted it to be easier to see them, and i think it looks really good now. the
cabinet is from ikea, and was my christmas gift from danny last year. it is huge, the photos make it look smaller than it is (i am 5'6" and it is about 4 inches taller than me). it's perfect for my collection, but it is already full... i might need to get another one later on, haha.

someday i will hang the framed LP's up :)

(with the doors open)


  1. oh wow! AMAZING! My friend Erin would be so jealous of your awesome collection!

  2. looks good! I really love the damask prints behind the shelves. it really makes it look good!

  3. That is so freaking awesome! My son is going nuts. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. It looks like you'll need another cabinet soon!

  5. what a great collection! i love how you have it all set up.
    i also love your it the linnarp from ikea? i wanted to get that one but it didn't fit in the space i was looking to stick it in!

  6. thanks ladies. it's so nice to finally have it all displayed nicely. i've had so much of that stuff packed away in boxes for a long time. what a shame to not be able to look at it all the time. and yes, kara it is the linnarp with doors. i want to get the matching tv console now, haha <3