Thursday, October 22, 2009

hill ridge farms

yesterday i got a new camera! i bought a canon powershot that is very similar to the one i had that recently broke, but with lots more features and a bigger screen. yay for being able to take photos again!

we took our first trip to hill ridge farms, and it was so much fun. alanna and malcolm had a blast. we got there kind of late so we only had 2 hours to play, but it was a perfect warm fall day, and there weren't very many other families there. we could have spent much longer, so maybe we will take another trip back. i just wish it wasn't quite so expensive. malcolm spent the entire 2 hours running around like a wild thing. it was pretty cute, and totally made the cost seem worth it.

(the sun was really low and bright, and i'm still figuring out the settings on this new camera, so these photos aren't the best. sorry.)

this photo is for his grandpa hart :)

we loved the giant slide!

checking out bunnyville

instead of feeding the bunnies grass, malcolm was eating it himself, haha

this little building full of corn was our favorite part. we spent a really long time in there, and we all had lots of corn in our pants (and diaper) when we were done, haha

i just happened to catch this last photo, of alanna accidentally smacking malcolm in the face and covering him with corn. oops. (he was fine.)

we were the last family to take a hayride out to the pumpkin field to choose our pumpkins, so we got to ride it alone. it ruled. the driver was very nice and really patient with us.

it was an awesome afternoon!


  1. AMAZING AMAZING! how great was everything in my life for a week becasue of you and the family! oh gosh i couldn't ask for more!