Tuesday, October 13, 2009

disneyland 2009

it's been a week since we've been home from our trip. sorry for the late post, but we had a rough transition back to "real life". the kids got sick on the day that we flew home. malcolm had a stuffy/runny nose, and alanna had a fever and actually threw up at the airport. so needless to say, the flights home were awful. simply awful. we basically spent the entire day traveling home (8 am to 10 pm), and we were completely wiped out by the time we got back to nc. malcolm was terrible on almost every flight, including our trip out to cali (5 different planes in total), but we survived... just barely. wow, what an exhausting week it was. we had a lot of fun, but it was so very tiring too. traveling with a toddler is hard work. i love our annual trip to disneyland for halloween time, but i doubt that we will make it back for at least five years or more. it's just too much work, and costs too much money. but i am proud to say that i funded this entire trip with cash! meaning i didn't use a credit card at all. not for the flights, the room, or anything! yay for me! (plus a big thanks to danny and mom for your help with trip funds too)

the weather was great. one day was pretty hot (sadly, the same day that jeanie came out to hang. so they only stayed a couple of hours, bummer), but two of the days were cool enough that we wore jackets most of the day. the crowds weren't too bad on the first day (wednesday, alannas b-day) and we walked right on to most of the rides, but by the weekend they were totally out of control. we missed out on a few rides because the lines were too long, and malcolm had little to no patience while waiting in them. but we were able to ride most of the good ones, and all of our favorites. malcolm had a lot of fun riding rides. he totally loved the haunted mansion holiday, but of course he did, he is my baby after all. pirates of the caribbean scared him a little. and he really liked it's a small world, and the monsters inc. ride.

i got a few new great nightmare collectibles, and alanna got some great birthday gifts from my mom. all in all, we had a good time while at the parks and in the motel. i loved spending time with my mom. and it was fun having kate there with us for two days too (sorry about malcolm kicking you in bed, haha!) i wish i had snapped some photos of kate while she was there, but my old camera was acting weird and wouldn't work for a couple of days. i guess that is a good thing, because it kept me from taking way too many pictures. and i haven't seen my moms photos yet, so maybe she got one of us? i didn't take any of the haunted mansion, decked out in all of its nightmare-ish glory. but i have plenty of them from our last three trips. after my lil' elph died this summer, i went back to using my older powershot. it takes good photos, but i think it's also on it's way out. bummer, because i don't have the money to buy myself a new camera right now. anyway... onto the many photos from disneyland i did get:

malcolm and demetri

jeanie and i, with the boys (this year)

(and last year) wow, they've grown!


malcolm loved playing in toontown

he also loved all of the pumpkins everywhere

my mom and alanna

running around on the riverboat

i love this one with alanna, and mom up top!

photos from disney's california adventure:

his very first carousel ride

we watched the pixar parade, it was really cute, and we got really wet

see the water squirting out of woody?!

we also watched fantasmic twice, which i've never seen before. it was very cool, and the fire-breathing dragon was pretty rad. if you've never taken the time to watch it, like me, you should check it out.

one of the main reasons i love going in october, is because of all the halloween decor. they really decorate the park beautifully. i wish i had taken more photos of all the festiveness, but here a few that i did get. oh, and those flowers are all real!

you can kind of see how large the crowds were in these two shots

i love main street at night

their "ray bradbury's halloween tree"

the vintage decorations and hand carved pumpkins in the big thunder ranch were some of my favorites

(sally was missing her pumpkin head)

a couple nightmare things i liked

and the beautiful vintage window on the hollywood tower of terror

i love how detailed everything is there.
on this trip, i especially loved the pinocchio ride.

and the little restaurant next door (which had vegan veggie burgers! yay!)

and last, but certainly not least. the halloween screams fireworks show was amazing. seriously so awesome. we loved it so much, we watched it five times. every time we tried to get a better spot, and some of them were bad, where we couldn't see all of the images projected on the castle, or jacks head etc. but on the last night there, we got a pretty good spot in the crowd (after waiting about an hour), and i got these great photos. i found a few videos of it on youtube, but they didn't do it justice at all. you have to see it in real life to really enjoy it. if you live in california, and you have season passes, you should definitely go and see this show (jeanie, this means you). it was a lot of fun to watch.

jack and zero (who was flying through the sky)

ghosts on the castle

oogie boogie

the huge blasts of fire were our favorite part


  1. I had such a smile on my face looking at your photo's, what an amazing experience. Sorry to hear about the sick kids. (shame)

  2. Great pictures!! Do they decorate Disney world the same way? I know that is expensive as hell but maybe cheaper and easier to
    get to?

    I'd hate to think you and Alanna would miss this for 5 years! Shell
    be off to college by then (another scary thought huh?!)

  3. Amazing pictures thank you so much for sharing!
    Love Dionn

  4. Wow you got a lot of great pictures. I'll try to get mine downloaded tonight. So sorry the kiddos got sick!!! Miss you already!

  5. Looks like you guys had a blast! You and Jeanie are too cute! Glad to hear everyone had a good time and that you guys made it back safely.<3

  6. I can't wait to go next year!!! I totally want to go for the Halloween theme :)

  7. thanks ladies! the kids are feeling fine now.
    cas, you are right, in 5 years alanna will be a senior in high school, and i'm sure she won't want to go to disneyland with her mom and 6 year old brother, haha. no disney world does not decorate or have all the halloween themed attractions. shame, because we've never been there, and it would be much easier to travel to. maybe we will go there someday anyway, just to see all that it has to offer.
    annie, you should totally go next year in october! but bring extra help for the kids <3

  8. Man, our boys have grown, but so has our hair!! Maybe next year we will come out to NC. I have Family in Falls Church, VA. I think that is only a few hours from you guys.
    Maybe next year our hair will be down to our butts!! xoxoxo