Sunday, September 6, 2009

this week

so september started out with a bang. literally. on tuesday, malcolm was bouncing around on the couch like he normally does, but then fell off face first into the corner of the coffee table. yes, the exact same corner that split his eye open in april. ugh. luckily this time wasn't as bad, and it didn't require a trip to the ER or any stitches. it only bled for a minute, and he got over it pretty quick.

we went to costco later that afternoon, and he let me play dress-up with him. they have some really cute halloween costumes!

what a ham!

he was over this pretty quick too, haha. "get me outta this pumpkin!"

friday night, the kids and i went to first friday at artspace downtown, to check out garretts latest art show. this was his amazing display!

of course we had to take some photos in the holes

today we went to the flea market at the fairgrounds. they have it every weekend, and the stuff always changes. it's fun to just walk around and look at all the old treasures. here is danny browsing through some records

we loved this huge old wagon full of old ornate pieces of metal. little statues, giant keys, doorknockers, flying pigs, aunt jemima's, mr. peanut, etc. very cool stuff!

we also went grocery shopping, and look what is already in front of the store! this makes me very happy. i <3 autumn sooo much!

tonight i made pesto linguine for the very first time...

...this was the very first time i've ever had pesto. and i'm sorry, but YUCK! i didn't like it at all. neither did alanna or malcolm. he ate 2 bites, and then refused to eat any more. i though that maybe i had made it wrong, even though i followed the directions exactly. but when danny got home, he loved it and said it tasted great. he told me that "one mans trash, is another mans treasure", haha. good thing, because what a shame to have made all that food, and have noone want to eat any of it.

i also made a loaf of banana pecan bread. it was delicious! i think i should just stick to baking <3

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  1. keep at the pesto. its lovely aha ;]