Tuesday, September 8, 2009

selling some jewelry

our trip to california and disneyland is coming right up. 3 more weeks to be exact. so i've been listing some more items on ebay today to help me raise some extra spending money. i've done really awesome so far in avoiding using my credit cards to fund this trip. and i'm hoping to keep it up.

i have a bunch of amazing pairs of gauged earrings that no longer fit in my lil' earlobes (they've shrunk), and i can't really sell them on ebay, since i have worn them. they are all very clean, and in like new or very good condition. and they could easily be autoclaved if necessary. i would like to find them good new homes, so i'm taking offers. the photos don't do them justice... it was hard getting good ones without using a flash, and the flash kinda washed them out, so i'm sorry that the quality isn't great. these were all purchased at either blue boutique or koi piercing studio in salt lake city. let me know if you are interested in any of them. or please let your friends with stretched ears know. thanks!

these are solid sterling silver with jade inlay. handcrafted for me (i special ordered them). they are not quite a 2 gauge at the thickest part. they measure just under 2" in diameter. the jade is a bit darker than pictured, and they are a little heavy. they are beautiful. i paid over $200 for them! yikes!

these are surgical stainless steel. 4 gauge. they measure 3" in length and 1" across. they are a bit heavy too. this photo makes them look a little scuffed, but they don't really show that in real life.

these are also surgical stainless steel. 4 gauge. 1.5" x 1.25" spirals.

these are handcrafted solid sterling silver. the stones are an off white-ish moonstone. not quite a 2 gauge at the thickest part. 1.25" in diameter. these are very pretty. i paid over $100 for them.

these are dichro pyrex glass plugs. double flared 0 gauge. the pinkish color is called "salmon", the center is clear, and the backs are black.

dichro pyrex glass plugs with nautical stars. double flared 0 gauge. navy blue and silver. cute!

these are hand carved solid jade plugs. double flared 0 gauge. about 5/8" in length, and 1/2" across. hollow center inside of the flower. the green is darker than pictured.

and these are solid surgical stainless steel. 0 gauge plugs (no flare) with cute lil' engraved heart shapes!

i think i have a few more pairs of ear jewelry that i haven't photographed yet. i also have a few pieces of pnut jewelry too that i would like to sell... but i might just list them on ebay. anyway, leave a comment (or email me) if you want to give these babies all the love that i can no longer provide. <3

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