Sunday, September 27, 2009

our trip to the mountains

we got back from our trip to sapphire valley on wednesday, but i haven't had time to post about it on here until today. it was beautiful out there. so green and thick with trees. the weather was perfect, nice and cool... and then it started to rain. and rain. and rain. did you hear about the flooding in atlanta? that same storm system moved north, and rained right over us. we were in transylvania county, and that area got over 20 inches of rain in less than a week, 11.5 of it on 2 of the days we were there! it was pretty crazy. that was the most rain i've ever seen falling continuously, and it poured. we ended up staying in the condo more then we had planned, but it was very nice spending time with my parents, and my aunt and uncle. plus i got to read a few magazines i like, and watch some cable (hgtv which i love). malcolm really liked watching the imagination movers on disney. and the resort had a rec center with an indoor pool and arcade, so we went there twice to swim and play.

on saturday, the rain hadn't quite made it up to us yet, but it sure was cloudy and foggy out. we drove about an hour and a half to chimney rock state park. it is located in the heart of nc apple country, so we passed tons of apple orchards and fruit stands along the highway. this is apple season right now, so the trees were covered in red ripe fruit. we stopped and bought some fresh apple cider. yum!

on top of chimney rock

dad, aunt earlene, mom and uncle arlund

yes, that is one of those damn monkey leashes from target. and yes, i have become that mom. (no, not the one who drags her child across the floor in a public shopping center). it really did come in handy up there on the huge rock, and along the walking trail. i think it's a great product, when used properly (and responsibly). don't judge me. <3

our condo

my mom surprised me with an amazing quilt she had handmade for malcolm and i. it was made with all eric carle fabrics, to match his bedroom. she pieced it all by hand, and even quilted it herself. she told me how difficult it was for her to find enough of each different fabric color to complete it, since it has been discontinued and is hard to find in local fabric shops. she ended up getting some of the extra fabric from the eric carle museum's website. it is beautiful, and we love it. malcolm kept making me lay it out on the floor so that he could dance and roll around on it. thanks mom.

our bathroom had the biggest jacuzzi tub i have ever seen. the kids had a blast in it!

on sunday we spent a very rainy day at the biltmore estate. it was a shame that it was so wet and gross out. we had already made a reservation online for sunday, so we couldn't change the date. but we all had a nice time regardless. we went in 2007, and the weather was great. bummer. it's much better to see it on a nice sunny day, to really appreciate the beauty and amazement of it all. there is no photography allowed inside, so here are a few photos from the outside.

i liked this creepy lil' devil detail

there is a great little toy store in the shops building, and i got this little mechanical singing bird. it's really cute.

malcolm tubbin'

this little shack was on the winding mountain road on the way to our condo. of course we had to buy some boiled peanuts.

on tuesday, it finally stopped raining, so we drove along the blue ridge parkway. it was still very overcast and foggy, so the views weren't as spectacular as they should have been. but it was still very pretty.

we hiked down this trail for a bit until we got to a river.

going through one of the many tunnels along the parkway.

then we drove through asheville before heading back to the condo.

on wednesday we stopped at a few shops with the family before heading back home. malcolm found a perfect bench that was just his size.

of course, the blue skies came back out on the day that we were leaving. i stopped at this waterfall along the highway on our way down the mountain. all the rain made it really loud and beautiful.

the kids and i stopped at this awesome toy store in brevard. the sign says "the coolest toy store on the planet". that pretty much sums it up. their selection was amazing! and it just kept going and going inside. like room after room of toys. all grouped by age and theme. pretty freakin' great! we spent over an hour and a half in there. it was a bit overwhelming. i already want to go back.

they had an extensive selection of
plan toys which i really love, and i got malcolm this one:

and last, but not least, we stopped in asheville again before hitting the interstate, and got dinner and dessert at rosetta's kitchen. yum! it was a great trip. we all had a lot of fun. makes me miss my mom and dad. but we will see mom in just 3 more days! yes!!


  1. Oh wow, amazing post! There is so much to comment on! haha. I loved all of your photos. I bet that even though it was rainy it was so nice just to relax and what not. I would love a rainy relaxing weekend! Also- that cider looks so yummy and it's almost making me want to run to the store to get some! Yum yum yummmm. You are so pretty, your kids are freakin' adorable, and all of these pictures are so neat. I also love that devil detail in the architecture! Okay I rambled but I had much to say and I still think I'm forgetting stuff. Thanks for sharing your weekend Lauren, love it! <333

  2. looks so beautiful...
    the quilt is awesome.

  3. I love the quilt! Bummer that the weather sucked.
    I can't wait to hang out in couple weeks!

  4. i love the pictures, lauren!

    haha i saw the jacuzzi tub and was reminded of when we were in the hot tub with alanna at the beach!

    that quilt is beautiful..your mom did an awesome job!

  5. thanks ladies! danielle, you are too sweet. lynn, we will see you soon! i can't wait to see your belly. and kara, yeah, i was so sad that i couldn't get in that hot tub with you ladies. but we didn't want a baked bean, right?! haha. we should do another beach house trip sometime <3

  6. aww, glad you had an awesome time (despite the rain!). the country looks pretty there - im very jealous ;]

    i got a bunch of stuff through the post today, so thank for for the other little extra bits you put in. havent had the best times recently and things are not well but that made me smile, so thank you :]

    hope you guys are good