Friday, September 11, 2009

i <3 ellen

i am a stay-at-home mom, so i watch daytime tv (no, not soaps). we don't have cable (thank goodness), so my viewing selection is pretty limited. but there are a few programs that i really love to watch, like oprah. and especially the ellen degeneres show, which is my favorite. i love how positive and upbeat she is all the time. i love her sense of humor. she is witty, and isn't afraid to be herself. she always has the best guests, many times they are not celebrities, but just normal people. and i love how she loves to help others. she is very generous, and donates so much to many different causes. plus she is vegan! booyah!

i never really watched her show before, until i had malcolm, since i was usually at work. but after he was born, i was stuck at home, and she really brightened my days. after i had malcolm i spent a lot of time at home alone with him, and i was still adjusting to life with a newborn, and it was really hard. the ellen show really gave me something to look forward to each day. i know that might seem lame, but it's true. then when malcolm got a bit bigger, we started dancing together at the start of each show, like she and the audience does. we still do, and he loves it! i don't watch it every day, only when i happen to be home at 3 o'clock. but when i do, it makes me laugh, or smile, or sometimes (okay, maybe quite often) cry.

this week has been the premiere week for season 7. on tuesday, after picking up alanna from school, i just happened to catch the end of the show. and it totally reaffirmed why i love her! how amazing is this?!


  1. Lauren, I could have totally written this blog myself. We love Ellen in this house, and try to watch her as much as possible. I was so bummed because of the summer re-runs...but looking forward to the new season. She is awesome!!! Maybe we'll get tickets and all go there together...haha! <3

  2. I love her too!

    We should get tickets when you come out here! How fun would that be.

  3. yes jeanie, that would rule! but i don't know if it's possible on such short notice. someday i will make it to her show for sure!