Thursday, September 10, 2009

halloween time! has just updated their website for this years halloween time celebration! here is the link. can you tell that i am really excited for this years trip!? haha. i love how they count down the days until the promotion starts. we will be there in only 20 more days! last year the site featured mickey and friends in halloween attire. this year it is a bit more spooky, and features the disney villains. which i think is great. i've been trying to have my photo taken with the queen of hearts for the last 3 years, so here's hoping that this year i will score one with her. the site says they're adding a new halloween themed fireworks show, and also some ghosts and scary music to the inside of space mountain (this ride makes me wanna puke, so maybe i will take some motion sickness medicine so that i can check it out?). anyway, there are also some cute crafts that you can print out for the kids. check it out, if you are interested. disneyland, we'll see you soon! (and you too jeanie!)


  1. oooo, so freaking jealous!!!

  2. I am so jealous i think i should get some of those motion sickness tabs right now!
    Enjoy Lauren, don't forget to take a pic of someone wearing the Mickey ears, i love those so much!

  3. I wanna go :( Someday, hopefully!