Friday, September 18, 2009

coming & going

my friend kate booked her flight for california! i'm glad that she will be joining us again at disneyland this year. she will be with us for 2 days, and it should be lots of fun. i missed seeing her the last time i was in salt lake, so i'll get to make up for it on this trip. i wish that her fiance jason could also come, alanna had such a blast with him last year. here is kate and malcolm on our trip last year. malcolm was only 8 months old. i love this photo.

later today, the kids and i will be heading to the "mountains" in the southwest end of nc. we will be spending time with my parents, and my aunt and uncle, who are all visiting from utah. we are excited for this trip (minus all the driving involved). but a little sad that danny wont be with us. we will be gone for 6 days. autumn in north carolina is just gorgeous. i'm not sure if the leaves have started to change enough yet, for it to look like this photo, but i'm sure it will be beautiful out there no matter what. i <3


  1. i hope you have a lovely time lauren. fall is such a beautiful season...

  2. Oh wow! I am loving those colorful leaves. Ahh...fall! <3

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