Tuesday, September 29, 2009


tomorrow is alanna's 13th birthday! yikes... i'm almost the proud owner of a teenage daughter!

since we will be flying out to california early tomorrow morning, we had our family get-together for her on sunday at danny's mom and dads house. we gave her all of her gifts early, and she loved them all. we ate some yummy veggie tacos, and way too much cake and cookies. it was a nice time.

my husband is a babe <3

she hated having to wear that crown, haha

blowing out her "13" birthday candles

since her birthday is close to halloween, and we love that holiday, vicky made her this cute cake. i guess the witch got stuck in all that yummy goodness, haha. last year she made her an awesome jack skellington cake. yummy.

vicky and dan decorated these cute cookies too

malcolm loved wearing the crown. alanna put it on him just for fun, and he didn't want to take it off. he won't wear a hat. ever. but he'll wear this pretty sparkly crown?! what a silly little guy, haha

i won't be posting on here until next week when we get back from our trip. so be ready for way too many photos. and wish me luck on the loooong flights with my toddler... ugh. i'm not excited about that at all. but i am sooo stoked for disneyland, and being able to spend time with my mom, kate, jeanie and demetri! sweet <3


  1. 13! wow! i work with 12-14 year olds all day long...alanna looks like such an innocent girl compared to some of the girls i teach...she's a beautiful young lady! good job mom!

  2. I can't believe how grownup she is!

  3. Happy birthday Alanna. I hope you guys have fun on your trip!!