Tuesday, September 15, 2009


i finally got to take alanna to see the movie "9" today. we both really wanted to see it last week on 9/9/09 when it opened, but our schedule that day just didn't allow it. better late than never. we both really liked it! it was a little scary and at times pretty intense for being a completely animated feature. the visuals were awesome. and i even cried a little. but i cry a little during almost every movie, so that isn't saying much, haha. the story was predictable, but i thought it was sad and cute, in a dark and creepy sort of way. totally my kind of movie. and the music was done by danny elfman, which is a plus. i would not recommend this for younger kids. alanna is almost 13 and has grown up around my liking of all things creepy (remember i love tim burton, who co-produced this film, and also the nightmare before christmas, etc.) so she appreciated it as much as i did. if you like those kinds of things as well, be sure to see this movie before it leaves the theaters.

(i almost forgot, the theater we went to totally sold vegan cookies too! bonus! <3)


  1. I got a long story for you, when we first lived here in Reno, Tim Burtons mom came in to the office I worked at. I didn't know who she was at first, she kept telling me how she just got back from New York for her son's premiere (she was talking about planet of the apes) I didn't think much of it until I realized her son Tim is tim burton. I told her I'm a big fan and how awesome it would be to have a souvenir from one his movies and she said will ask her son for one but I didn't see her back in the office again. Doctor later showed me an autograph pic of Lisa Marie when she was dating tim w/ a personal message that tim's mom brought in for him a few yrs back. the end.

  2. I want to see this sooo bad! But, I'm having a hard time at this point sitting through movies in the theater, little guy likes to wedge hit foot in my ribs!

  3. You and I are definately on the same page with movies! I can't wait to see this :0)