Wednesday, August 12, 2009

wet n' wild

yesterday, we spent the day at wet n' wild waterpark in greensboro. a special thanks to grandma vicky (danny's mom), for getting us passes, and taking us out there. we had a lot of fun!

i think this photo is hilarious! that's vicky helping malcolm down the slide, and alanna catching him, haha! he loved it.

alanna is a wonderful big sister

vicky packed an awesome lil' picnic for lunch

we'd been there about 5 hours, when these dark clouds started rolling in.

malcolm fell asleep on me, while we were in the wave pool, and he stayed asleep in his lifejacket for about an hour. we even went in the cyclone zone, and he never stirred. we both napped for a bit on our beach chair.

we hoped that the storm would pass, but it didn't, and they had to close down the park. here is happy harbor... not very happy without any kids in it.

how creepy is this octopus?! malcolm liked swinging in it.

alanna and vicky after a long day of sunning and swimming.

i'm pretty okay with the fact that i am heavily tattooed. i've had most of them for over 6 years, so i'm used to the stares and questions etc. but going to a water park, and spending the day in a bikini, in public, is a lot more exposure than usual for me. i was pleasantly surprised by how many compliments i received! i even had a dad point out my eric carle leg to his young son, who walked around me to see it all. so rad! malcolm got lots of compliments too, about how cute he was. and about his swim trunks, which are pretty dang awesome.

we were issued rainchecks because of the inclement weather, so we will be able to go back again for another full day of fun! that's great, since alanna didn't get to go on a lot of the slides, and malcolm only played in one half of the kids area. wet n' wild... see you soon

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  1. Malcolm looks so cute! Looks like an awesome place...your tattoo's are awesome...especially the one on your leg.
    xoxo (Andrea)