Wednesday, August 19, 2009


today was one of those days, where i felt like the laundry would never end. ugh. but i'm thankful that we have a washer and dryer of our own, in our house. i can't imagine how inconvenient it must be, to have children, and to have to travel to a laundromat. plus i had this cute lil' helper:

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  1. Ah he looks so cute, reminds me of yesterday, i was looking for Raine all over the garage and garden, only to hear a little giggle, and when i turned around there he was lying in the back of the car boot (i have a hutch back, so it is open), eating his Wonka sweets, i had just done grocery shopping so my door was open...they love hiding!
    xoxo (gee talk about an esay - LOL)