Friday, August 14, 2009

more greenway photos

we went out for another stroll/ride along the greenway last night, so i took my camera with me this time. this is the stretch that is closest to our house. we only have to walk about a block to get to the entrance. it's right outside of our neighborhood. very convenient!

alanna with what's left of our neighbors trees. they left the truck parked in front of our house for a few days

malcolm in his new jogging stroller, ready to go!

we saw this little baby dear grazing. so cute!

me on my bike

on the way back, we ran into garrett. he was just heading out for a bike ride too. how great is that sky/water behind him?!


  1. beautiful photos! And how awesome that the greenway is so close to your home, I would love that. Where do you guys live again?

  2. yeah, it is a special treat to have it so close by. we live in raleigh, north carolina.

  3. aha, you should get one of those low-rider bikes

    man, that place really looks beautiful

  4. paul, i actually DO have an awesome low rider bike too! but it is a bit hard to ride around on, it's more of a show bike. my brother made it custom, just for me. it rules.