Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the greenway

the weather out here has been pretty gross lately. it's really hot and humid (yuck). and it's been raining a lot as well. typical july/august weather in nc. so we haven't been going for our nightly stroll much these past few weeks. i feel bad keeping malcolm inside so much. he definitely gets a bit of cabin fever. but this evening, the weather was nice out, so we went for a stroll along the greenway. raleigh has an awesome paved trail system, that weaves its way all over the city. there is 63 miles of paved walking/running/riding paths to explore. and it runs right near our house, which is a plus. this is one thing i actually do love about the city in which we currently reside.

this little guy crossed our path, so alanna caught him and moved him to the grass

we found this vine hanging from the top of a really tall tree, it made a perfect swing

alanna had fun swinging on it,
malcolm loved laughing at her

one of many bridges we crossed

and i'm not sure what type of tree this flower grows on, but it smells amazing! it's all over our neighborhood too, and when you walk under it, it's almost like you've just walked into a bath & body works store. it smells so sweet and fragrant, just like perfume. i love it!


  1. I see you changed your "about me", very inspiring!

  2. thats an awesome tree chair I want one in our backyard

  3. It's a mimosa tree! They do smell nice.
    Brook has bunch at his house where Austin used to live. And their leaves close up at night!

  4. thanks candace, it is! i just googled it. i will have to be sure that our next house has them in the yard. i love them!

  5. I think we need to move to NC, it looks amazing there.