Thursday, August 6, 2009


that's gonna be alanna (the one in the air), haha!

today we got alanna's class schedule in the mail. she will be starting 7th grade on the 25th of this month. just before 6th grade ended, we were told that the boundaries had changed, and that she would have to attend a new middle school for 7th grade. we tried to request a transfer, but were denied twice. so she registered for the new school late, and turned in her electives form later than the other students. she was worried that she wouldn't get any of the classes she wanted. but her schedule looks great. here is what she got:
  • language arts - required
  • pottery
  • fencing
  • german 1 (don't forget your roots!)
  • seventh grade science - required
  • pre-algebra - required
  • painting
  • web design 1
  • social studies - required

pretty sweet classes if you ask me!


  1. That is AWESOME!!! Fencing? For real??? I should have registered late when I was in school. She will have a blast!

  2. Awesome...I wish we had classes like that in school. It's nice that they are actually coming up with creative ways for kids to learn that may actually excite them a little to do so.
    Ps. She is such a smart girl...and growing up so fast. :)

  3. Those classes look awesome! Pottery? Web Design? FENCING?! Haha. She'll have the best time! My dad took fencing. I always secretly wished I knew how..

  4. I used to fence for many years, competitively... I seriously miss it, I bet she'll be awesome at it!!!