Monday, August 10, 2009

awesome weekend

this past weekend was great. alanna went to danny's mom and dad's house on thursday, and stayed overnight until saturday afternoon. she loves spending the night there. and she got to eat all kinds of junk food, including two pints of purely decadent (until she was sick, haha). on friday evening, danny, malcolm and i drove to greensboro (about an hour and a half away), for a first friday art exhibit featuring our friend garrett. we had dinner at boba house, with a few of danny's friends - which included paul, his wife haley, and their two cute kids. their son jai, is 3 months older than malcolm, and it was cute to see them together. they weren't very interested in each other, i think they are still at the stage where they play better side by side, rather than together. it will be cute when they are both a bit older.

this is the piece that garrett painted. it was huge. that is garrett over there on the left. he is an amazing artist!

malcolm was getting his chalk on. he had lots of fun running around and looking at stuff/people. he does really well in crowds. this makes me happy, since we will be going to disneyland for 6 days soon

on saturday night, garrett stayed with our kids (he lives in our basement apartment, and he's nice enough to stay with them every so often. plus they both love him), while danny and i went to see
de la soul perform live in carrboro. it was fantastic! i've seen them once before, years ago, in salt lake city, but this time was so much better. we both really enjoyed it. the people watching was pretty out of hand too. we got home really late, and my ears were ringing. i'm getting too old for that loud of music, haha (this was the best photo i got)

early sunday morning, a loud thump woke me up. at first i thought it was a large thunderclap (we've had tons of crazy thunderstorms this summer), but it wasn't raining out. and then i thought maybe alanna or malcolm had fallen out of bed? nope. so i went back to sleep. alanna got up to feed and take lucky dog out, and then she woke me up to let me know that our neighbor's tree had fallen down on her house! that's what i had heard. it was a really tall tree. what a shame. luckily it didn't really cause much damage to her house. the tree crew was here all day cutting it down. we watched them from the yard and the bedroom window for a while. they will be back tomorrow to remove the other half that is still standing. here's the view of it from our back yard before they arrived.

we also went and bought a new jogging stroller for malcolm on sunday. danny likes to run a lot, and malcolm usually cries when he leaves the house. so now he can go with him for a ride. it is a really nice stroller. we should have bought it months ago. we all went down to the greenway by our house, and alanna and i rode our bikes while danny and malcolm ran. it was great. we went almost 5 miles. i haven't been on my bike since way before i had malcolm. we will be doing that much more often now. next time i will take my camera.


  1. Your family is the kind of family I hope to have one day! I love that you guys all go and exercise together.

  2. how cute! i haven't seen any recent pics of jai..he got so big! i also love his and malcolm's matching shoes...adorable!

    also garrett's artwork is super nice!

  3. thanks danielle. we try. but we need to make it more of a regular activity.

    yeah, jai is a doll. look how much bigger malcolm is, and he is 3 months younger!