Friday, May 29, 2009

things that made me happy today

i love this time of the year in nc. the kids and i went for a stroll around the neighborhood this evening. the weather was perfect. we saw a bunch of wild bunnies all over the place! here is one lounging in our neighbor's yard.

we also saw tons of fireflies! alanna is really good at catching them, they like to land on her for some reason. but they won't light up, unless they're in flight. i tried to catch a photo of them lit-up, but had no such luck.

a lightning bug up close

earlier today, while at target, i caught this great photo of malcolm digging for gold. haha! he has just decided that it is fun to stick his fingers up his nose, and he shoves 'em way up there. it's pretty funny.

our friend garrett watched the kids for a bit tonight, so that danny and i could have a coffee date. we went to barnes & noble, shared a medium coffee, and sat together and read magazines. it was nice.


  1. ha ha. That picture of Malcolm is priceless! LOL

  2. he is so cute! even digging for gold.

  3. Yesterday I was driving in the car and I looked in the mirror and caught Django in a similar pose... pretty hilarious! Love that picture!

  4. and.... fireflies... I'm jealous.

  5. love hows he rocking 24 on his shirt!

    - paul x