Sunday, May 17, 2009

rockets and cribs

on friday, i was a parent volunteer at alanna's middle school for their "rocket rush". we did some geocaching with gps' to find clues hidden around outside on the school grounds. it was fun, but kind of hard to use the gps. the class didn't end up having enough time to launch the rockets that they made (out of 2 liter soda bottles), so they are going to do it on monday.

yesterday as i was getting in the shower, i realized that i had a nasty little tick on my leg, above my knee. i'm sure he latched on while i was at her school, i just didn't notice it until the next day. danny tweezed it off for me. that's the first one i've ever had. alanna has already found two on her this year... i guess it's gonna be a long tick-filled summer. yuck!

here is my awesome id sticker that i had to wear while in the school

alanna took her eog's (end of grade tests) last week, and we got her scores this week. all A's! and all 4's, her language arts score was a high 4, which is pretty much the same as an A+! she sure is a little smarty pants. we also got a letter from the school system stating that she will be enrolled in a different middle school for 7th grade. she is not excited about this news, she doesn't want to leave her new friends from this year. but i've heard good things about the new school. and i'm sure she will adjust fine. she makes friends easily. there are only seven school days left of sixth grade. wow, this year went by fast.

last night marked two weeks of me attempting to get malcolm to sleep in his crib. the first few nights, he did great, slept like 7 or 8 hours in there without stirring. but then he started to wake up after only two hours. and so this last week has been a few hours in the crib, and then a few hours in bed with us. it sucks. and he is still staying up until 4 or so. i'm running out of steam.

he would rather sleep on the bare floor, than let me put him down in his crib. it's crazy

alanna got him up this morning at 10:30, and let me sleep for an extra hour. i'm hoping that while she is out of school for the summer, she can help me get him up earlier. it's so hard for me to get up with him at 9 or 10 am, after we just went to bed at 5 am. i'm too exhausted in the morning, and i can't think straight. wish us luck.


  1. I'm sure you have had a ton of people tell you this, but I'm going to just in case they havent. Let him cry it out. When I was transitioning Avah from co-sleeping to sleeping in her crib she flat out refused to sleep more than an hour or two in her crib, if at all. I felt like a horrible parent letting her cry, but it only took 2 nights and she was sleeping a full night in her crib without waking up. It might be hard on him the first night or two and he might cry for an hour or two straight and it will break your heart, but in the end you both will be much happier. Once you can get him to do that you can slowly start putting him to be earlier until he is on a regular schedule. He is old enough that he is not waking for food, so you just have to keep that in mind.

    Also, quick question, do you like Malcolm and Alanna's age difference the way it is? Is it hard to go from having a relatively self-sufficient child to taking care of an infant/toddler all over again? Just curious.

    Good luck with everything!

  2. thanks chanelle. i know, i keep hearing that. i am finally at the point where i'm going to have to just do it. i was trying so hard not to, but if it is really going to work, then i'm game.
    how old was avah when you switched her to the crib? and how many hours do you consider a full night? malcolm will only sleep 9 at the very most.

    and yeah, it was pretty hard to adjust to having a newborn again. alanna was 11 when malcolm was born. i would have liked them to be closer in age. but she has been very helful. i'm grateful to have her around to help. i don't ever want her to feel like she has to babysit or take care of him, so i am careful about what her responsibilities are... like she doesn't change diapers etc. i don't want her to resent him or us for having him. she didn't like being an only child, and i don't want malcolm to feel like an only child either (since she is much older and will be out of the house before he is grown), so we want to have one more child in a couple more years. but yeah, if i could have done things differently, i wouldn't have had them so far apart. but it seems to be working out just fine the way it is. <3

  3. Congrats to Alanna for doing so awesome in school!!
    Sorry you're having such a hard time with Malcolm sleeping in his crib. I wish I had some advise but I got really lucky w/Sol. He slept w/us until he was 9 months and one night I was like I'm just going to put him in his crib and see what happens and he's been sleeping in there every since. I've heard a lot of people say what your friend Chanelle said and it seems to work. Good luck with everything. <3

  4. thanks shani! yeah, he slept with us til he was 6 months, then i started putting him in his crib, and he did really good for about 2 months. then we went on vacation, and he slept in my hotel bed with me... and that was the end of the crib. it got to the point where he would only sleep with me, so the two of us slept on the futon in his room for about 6 months. but i am not going to let that happen again. i like sleeping next to my husband. <3

  5. Every time I comment on your blog I jinx myself. Haha Last night Sol woke up at 2am and would not go back to bed in his crib! My husband finally put him back in his crib at about 7...

  6. oh no! i'm sorry shani! that sucks. maybe my crazy life is rubbing off on you, haha. i hope tonight isn't as bad.

  7. Avah was 8 months old when I started. Mind you, she didn't even take naps in her crib so it was a completely foreign place to her. I started putting her down for naps in it, which she did ok, but night was impossible. She went to bed at about 8 or 9 and woke up at about 5 am. Eventually I pushed her bedtime up to about 7 pm, but she still woke up very early, usually about 6. Those few hours were amazing for "me" time, and when you arent waking up 15 times during the night you feel soo much better in the am. I honestly wanted to cry when I let her cry it out, it feels AWFUL, but it works. The first night she cried 2 hours before she even fell asleep. Leaving her alone at night was much easier...she would wake up and cry for maybe 10 minutes and zonk right back out.

    Good luck with everything! You'll be so much happier when you do it!

  8. Aaaaah - the joys...the picture is real cute though, sleeping on the floor, if only we knew what goes on in their heads! IF ONLY!
    Your a rocking mom!

  9. I dont have many suggestions for gettin the boy to sleep. My daughter only slept in a bassinet in my room for a couple months, shes been in a crib every since. The crying it out thing did work for her though!

    And dont tweeze ticks! You run the risk of leaving the head in and getting a bad infection. Take a cotton ball and put some liquid soap on it, the tick will let go and burrow into the cotton ball!

    Im the anonymous target shopper!
    My name's Megan

  10. oh, thanks. but my mother-in-law is a RN, and has been for over 30 years, and she told us how to get the tick off. plus if their mouth parts (not head) get left behind, they will just fall out on their own later on. it's not that big of a deal. the infection thing about the head getting stuck, is just a myth.