Friday, May 1, 2009

midnight monster party

malcolm's sleep schedule is awful. absolutely awful. it always has been. but this past month it has gotten so much worse. he stays up way too late. he has his days and nights mixed up. when he was first born, everyone kept telling me that he would figure it out, and that it would eventually correct itself. but no, not in our house. i'm lucky if i can get him in bed by 1 am. some nights he stays up until 5 am. it sucks so bad. when we asked the dr. for advice, he recommended a book. but seriously? do i really have time to read a 500+ page book? no, i don't. it is really hard for me to find the quiet time (and concentration) to get through it. i'm only on page 83. i know i need to start getting him up earlier. but it seems impossible. i cannot function on 3 hours of sleep. and if i do get him up before he normally would, he just falls back asleep and takes a crazy long nap. i am very frustrated by the whole situation. i know i can't be mad at him, it's not his fault, because i am the one who is facilitating these bad sleep habits.

i need help! i want some normality to my life. i want to be able to leave the house before 2 pm. most importantly, i want malcolm to get on a healthy schedule.

he sleeps with me, on the futon in his room. it has been like 8 months since he slept in his crib, and even back then it was only about 3 or 4 hours at a time. so i would also love for him to sleep an entire night in his own crib. but we need to work on this late hours situation first.

last night he was a little wild thing! every time i turned around, he was getting into something. he cracks me up, and i love him to death, but last night was pretty much my breaking point. i have got to do something about this... pronto.

here he is sitting in the book shelf

then he climbed under the computer table

and then i look, and he had climbed into the drawer of the coffee table! haha, what a funny boy.

i had to help him out of it, he was stuck in there

if i fit, i would totally sleep in his crib! mama cat loves it, she's probably used it more than malcolm


  1. This made me sad to read! I'm sure it's not easy without Danny at home, and I'm sorry your doctor wasn't more supportive. Malcolm's devilish grins definitely let him get away with murder :) Hope you two get some sleep soon.

  2. i don't have kids but i know on that supernanny show when they are putting the kid to bed and the kid will get up. they keep putting him back in the bed until he goes to sleep. sometimes it lasts like 4 hours! it eventually pays off though.
    his sleep issues sound so frustrating..hope you get it all sorted out!

  3. oh my gosh, you are so right! i'm not the only one whose baby is into everything and totally not the only one who finds the lack of sleep frustrating and annoying. thank you so much for leaving me such a sweet comment the other day when i was so stressed and sad. it meant so much to me and i loved hearing and seeing through your blog that things do get better and easier. it's also nice to know that i'm not the only homesick mama out there...blahhh. i hope you get to see your mom and family soon, it's so uplifting when you do you know? it's like it recharges me for a bit.

    i wish we lived closer too, we'd hang out all the time (i've read your blog often too!) thanks for the support, hope you are having a great week :)