Friday, May 8, 2009


i love getting letters and cards in the mail. they are so much more personal and special than getting an email. but don't get me wrong, i also enjoy getting emails too... i really just love hearing from friends and family, since we all live so far apart. i need to be better about sending things to others. i'm pretty good with getting christmas cards out on time, but i often forget about all the other special holidays and occasions.

i got this a few days ago from my friend kitra. she was my supervisor and hired me for my first job out here. we worked together for a year. the photo is of her new baby dylan. he's 5 months old and is so cute and chubby!

and i got this one today from my friend haley. she is married to danny's good friend paul. they live about 2 hours away, so we don't see them often enough. she made the flower out of cut paper, with the help of her adorable daughter gracie.

i really appreciate both of them. thanks ladies! happy mothers day to you as well.

*update 5/9* my mom and dad always send me a mothers day card. i received this one from them today. mom said that the picture reminded them of me. how nice. they also sent a hefty donation, to go towards our disneyland fund

thanks guys. i love you both!


  1. I agree.
    Thank you soooooooooooo- much for the package you sent. hope you got the thank you card.

  2. oh yeah, you are sooo welcome! i did get your thank you, but i forgot to let you know. i was at target that day that you announced oliver's arrival, and i couldn't resist. i love baby clothes! <3