Monday, May 11, 2009

holy crap, we shaved the baby!

malcolm was in desperate need of a hair cut... so we shaved it all off! it's getting hot out, and he needed a more summer friendly look. i totally love his little curls in the back, and i'm hoping they will grow back. we've cut his hair once before, not quite this short, and it all grew back pretty quick. i think this new cut is very cute. it brings out his eyes. actually, his eyelashes are longer than his hair now!

this is what he looked like when he woke up from his long nap yesterday... wild!

this was earlier today

right before we started shaving

he totally fell asleep!

rinsing off all the hair

the finished product!

(he always has something in his mouth, haha)


  1. i love it.. i personally have been waiting to have a boy to shave his head..haha..and actually i have been shaving my lil boy head since he was 2 1/2 months old. i know not everyone will agree with me diong it but, everyone is diff so im ok with my choice.. i love your lil mans hair.. i think it looks awesome

  2. OMG!! He is so cute!!! He looks like such a little grown man! We shaved Sol's head and after it grew out again I told my husband to buzz it down and he forgot to put the guard on! When he sent me a picture I almost cried it looked so bad. Sol looked bald for weeks!

    p.s. you are so pretty!

  3. Oh my gosh...this is absolutely adorable!!! Everyone is telling me to cut Jai's...but I can't bring myself to do it. If I knew it would look this cute, I would do it today! Haha...awesome! <3


  4. i love it!!

    i can't believe he fell asleep! when i cut hair, 80% of the time they would be screaming their heads off and kicking while i tried really hard not to cut them!

  5. thanks ladies! i am already liking this short hair sooo much! i think it makes him look more grown up. maybe when it grows out a bit, he will be ready for a mohawk! haha.

    and haley... i think it is time for jai to have his first hair cut! haha <3