Tuesday, May 5, 2009

danny is home

danny got home this morning around 3 am. he says the trip was great. good friends, good hangouts, good eats, good stores, and good music - apparently trial swept every other band away, and were amazing! i wish i had been there. he brought alanna back some pretty awesome kidrobot and uglydoll toys. and he brought me these from chicago diner:

holy crap, i'm gonna be sick!

alanna went to the dentist today. NO cavaties! she sure does have a sweet tooth, but always seems to avoid getting any of those lil' buggers. but here's one thing that she can't avoid much longer...

dun dun dun... BRACES!! yikes.

so i guess we'll be making an appoinment soon for a consultation. she is not stoked. she's bummed about having braces and glasses, haha. looks like we're gonna have to go to the eye dr. as well, for some contacts. holy crap, i almost have a teenager!!


  1. i was there when danny was buying these! how sweet of him to bring back some things for you guys!

  2. oh, he is so sweet! i love him to bits! did your trip get any better? so sad that you got sick.

  3. yeah overall the whole trip was really really great. i'm super sad i missed sunday cause that is what i was looking forward to the most. ah well.

  4. Mmmm Chris brought pieces of cake home to me too- so good! I'm rationing my bites to make them last :)
    Poor Alanna and her upcoming braces! I had them twice (at the same time as glasses) so I can commiserate. I think girls look cute with braces though, boys have a rougher time.