Friday, May 15, 2009


malcolm is now climbing up on things (yikes!), like the coffee table. he can open the drawer, use it as a step, and get up on top in no time. i made a little video of how fast he can do it, but after seven failed attempts to upload it to my youtube page, i am just going to post a few photos here (our internet service is awful). he is fearless. it's scary to watch him stand up on it.

naughty baby!

sliding off

he even tries to climb into the bumbo while it's on top of the table!
(don't worry, i'm always watching him)

he is a danger baby!


  1. Hahaha.. I dread the day Sol learns to climb.

  2. BOYS!!! They are so wild and they climb on everything. Wait till he starts jumping off everything then it gets real scary!

  3. Ugh, I am sorry!!!

    Django is now climbing on the dining table, and sliding the chair along the floor to climb on Dook's desk while he's working, it's a nightmare... I hope you have better luck with it!