Saturday, April 25, 2009

while the folks are away...

...the kids will play!

on friday, danny's mom and dad went on an overnight camping trip with their two dogs. so we took lucky dog and the kids out to their house for the evening. we don't have a fully fenced yard, and lucky never gets to go outside without being on a leash. they have a very nice, large fenced yard, with lots of grass, and he loved being able to run around. malcolm loved exploring too. alanna and danny had fun playing badminton. and i just loved spending some time outside with my family in the nice weather.

lucky grazing

danny calls these his "kanye west" shorts

malcolm had lots of fun, but was so tired by the time we got home and were ready for bed, that he fell asleep on the floor! this photo is kinda dark and blurry (taken by the light of the tv). pretty funny.

tonight we met up with dan and vicky for dinner. here's a cute one of malcolm and his grandpa.


  1. i love all of these pics! <3

  2. yay target clothes! I have those shorts for my daughter... sorry im just a random reader...

  3. i love target! i got them on clearance... $5 bucks for the whole outfit! sweet!