Monday, April 13, 2009

our weekend (sunday)

on sunday, we went out to danny's mom and dad's house to celebrate our birthday and have easter dinner (danny's birthday was the 8th, mine was the 9th). the food was great! vicky made us lasagna and pot pie. and for dessert: tiramisu, blueberry/pineapple crisp, and a chocolate covered boston creme filled birthday cake with chocolate covered strawberries! everything was vegan and delicious. she spoils us!

we loved being outside, it was sunny and nice. here is malcolm with grandpa dan on the motorcycle

vicky was teaching him how to blow on a dandelion

we found this caterpillar nest in the plum tree. it was crazy. i've never seen anything like it. kinda gross (they were crawling all over it, very fast, and they were inside of it and out), but really interesting at the same time. apparently they are called eastern tent caterpillars, because of the "tent" nests that they build.

view from the backside

malcolm liked to look at it too

he loves this dead deer toy. it plays music, lights up, and the deer lifts it's head and opens it's mouth to sing. pretty funny. especially since he is vegan :)

and alanna with her basket, at our house on easter morning

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