Thursday, April 30, 2009

15 months

malcolm is 15 months old today! wow, time flies. seems like it was just yesterday that he was sooo tiny and fragile. and now he is getting so big and fearless. and learning and trying new things everyday. he is so much fun to have around.

here he is at only 2.5 months

i took this one today while he was napping. he loves to take his morning nap in his bouncer seat, but he has almost outgrown it... how am i ever going to be able to shower and get ready for the day without it!?

we went to old navy today and malcolm was very patient while alanna and i tried on clothes. i got him some super cute swim trunks, and a matching sun hat (not pictured). i tried to put the matching flip flops on him, but he cried, so i didn't get them... i think the part between his toes scared him. i can't wait til we can go to the beach!

we also went to target and got him his first fork. he loved using it at dinner.

mmm, soy nuggets!

this is the face he makes when he is full (usually there is a bunch of food in his mouth and it falls out into his lap, haha)

this past month:
  • he finally cut his 4th tooth. he now has 2 on top, and 2 on bottom.
  • he took his first trip to the ER, and got his first stitches.
  • he has graduated to size 4 diapers.
he has also learned:
  • to say "mama", "papa", and "baba" pretty good (plus all kinds of other baby gibberish).
  • to stand up from a sitting position, all by himself (no more wall or object to help him out).
  • to crouch down to look at &/or pick things up. it melts my heart.
  • to climb up onto the futon in his room (he's been able to get off of it for a few months, but now he can get up there all by himself). he also climbs into the fridge, and onto the bottom shelf of the microwave cart, haha.
  • to recognize little creatures in our yard, and he gets excited to see them (like squirrels and fuzzy caterpillars).
  • to give the following on command: kisses, hugs, high-fives, and head-butts! (pretty awesome)
  • to spin himself around in tiny circles.

i'm sure there are lots more things that i am forgetting, but my blogging time is limited. i love how he understands me now. i can totally tell when he understands what i am saying, and it is great! like when i say "let's go change your diaper", he grabs onto my finger, and walks upstairs with me to his room. it's these little things that make me happy.


  1. awww sooo cute!
    time really does fly!!

    hey, do you know where i can get 6 month old size camo shorts? i have only been able to find them in 12 months at the least.
    i want to get them for my friend's baby for the summer


  2. thanks kara!

    have you looked at target? that's where the ones he has on are from... but my mom got them last year. kmart had a cute lil' dino outfit that had an orange shirt and camo dino print shorts. or maybe at jcpenney? sometimes they have some cute baby clothes!?

  3. Hahaha... My Mom tried to get Django some flip flops and I couldn't even get the second one on him he FREAKED out, I don't even know why they make those in kids sizes there is NO WAY any toddler would wear them.