Saturday, March 7, 2009

behind the mirror

some of the littlest things are so new and interesting to malcolm. like the cabinet behind the bathroom mirror. he loves to look at himself in the mirror, but when we open it up, it's like he has just discovered a whole new world in there.

this week he is:

  • starting to cut his first top tooth (finally). he only has two little ones on the bottom.

  • pointing at everything. if i say "where is mama cat?", he will point at her.

  • clapping his hands. he also understands when i say "clap your hands", and he will clap for me.

  • walking really good, but he will not let go of my finger. he's not quite ready to do it unassisted.

  • dancing to any song he hears. including the theme song to the sopranos and the ellen show. ha.

  • making the kiss noise with his lips. i love it.

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